Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tyrone Washington- Roots & Do Right

Here's two really good lp's from Tyrone Washington. The first (his second as a leader) is Roots from 1973 on the Perception Label. The lp is all over the map as far as style from spiritual to free funk to ballad. The second album - Do Right from 1974 on Blue Labor is equally as diverse but mixed with a lot more funk and soul. The last track is pure free noise and worth the whole lp. Here's a link to his first lp as a leader at Orgy In Rhythm. I couldn't find a good bio for him so if anybody knows one I can link to let me know.@320 comments

Roots - Perception 1973
Tyrone Washington - Tenor Sax
Clifford Barbaro Barconadhi - Drums
Hubert Eaves - Piano

Do Right - Blue Labor 1974
Tyrone Washington - Tenor Sax, Vocals, Chimes, Flute, Congas
Clarence Thomas - Tenor, Soprano, Flute
Billy Nichols - Guitar
Hubert Eaves - Piano
James "Fish" Benjamin - Bass

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  1. I thought I would drop you a note and thank you. I accidently came accross your notes on these recordings and discovered the "Do Right" recording. It is available through I Tunes if anyone wants it. That last track is as good as you mention. The story of Mr. Washington, according to what I have heard (reliable?) Was that he droped out of music in the 1970's and was selling candles on a College Campus in New Jersey when last spotted (also in the 1970's). Sad, if it is true.