Monday, 23 June 2008

Robert Rockwell III - Androids & Natural Life

2 Lp's by saxophonist Bob Rockwell from '74 and '77.  Androids had a track featured on a Soul Jazz comp. -New Thing.  Both records are solid all the way through and musically lean toward a mid 70's hard fusion and free-funk mix. All the players really are stellar even if you haven't heard of some of them. @320 comments (even though some of these albums I post are out of print on cd and lp it doesn't mean a lot of musicians aren't making good music today which is why it never hurts to check out their new stuff)

Robert Rockwell III - Androids  Celebration records  1974
Robert Rockwell III - Tenor & Soprano sax, Bass Clarinet, Waterphone
Willard O Peterson Jr. - Acoustic & Electric Bass
Bill Berg - Drums (album art)
Mike Elliot - Guitar
Steve Kimmel,Bill Buchen, Victor Lewis -Percussion

Natural Life - Natural Life ] ASI records (direct to disc) 1977
Bob Rockwell - Tenor & Soprano sax, Flute
Mike Elliot - Guitar
Bobby Peterson - Pianos
Steve Kimmel -percussion
Bill Berg - Drums

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