Saturday, 14 June 2008

Heiner Stadler - Brains on Fire

If you likelisteningto pretty out there late 60's jazz you'll like this record. I should try to compare and contrast with other like artist of the day but you'll get the idea. If not here's a few gooddefinitionsof thegenera. The biographies of Heiner Stadler are incomplete at best so I copied the one off the lp.
Heiner Stadler was born in 1942 in the occupied Poland; he was raised in Hamburg, Germany, where he studied harmony and piano at the conservatory for music and composition with the contemporary composer Walter Steffens. In 1965, he moved to New York where he recorded the fugue (rehearsals for it included musicians like Thad Jones, John Gilmore, Tom McIntosh, Roger kellaway, Reggie Johnson, etc.) But because of the uncompromising quality of his music, it wasn't until now that any of his compositions could be heard. In addition to the piece on this record he continued to compose mainly for sextet and, by now, has accumulated material for quite a few records (in 1967/68 he created probably the longest piece ever written in the history of jazz-over 160 score pages). In 1967 the New York Jazz Sextet(Jimmy Owens, Benny Golson, Tom McIntosh , Roland Hanna, Barre Phillips, Freddie Waits) played his composition " No Exercise" but did not have the opportunity to record it. In 1969 James Moody played one of his arrangements ("Main Stem" by Duke Ellington) on his record (Milestone MSP 9023):"The Blues and Other Colors" Chris White Jazz Studies Rutgers Univ.
These pieces where recorded from 1966 to 1971 and released in 1973 on Labor Records@320 in comments
Heiner Stadler - Piano
Jimmy Owens - Trumpet
Garnett Brown - Trombone
Joe Chambers - Drums
Tyrone Washington - Tenor Sax,Flute
Lenny White - Drums

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